Talking to Judges

Talking to Judges

For some kids, talking to the judges can be scary.  Below are some tips and sample questions you can use to prepare.  Remember, the judges are just regular people who are interested in learning about your project.  They want you to do well and are rooting for you to succeed.

Questions commonly asked by judges

  • "Tell me about your project."
  • "What did you find out?"
  • "Why did you do your project this way?"
  • "What does that word mean?"
  • "Why do you think your results turned out as they did?"
  • "If going to study this more, what would you do next?"

You can also take a peak at the Judges Handbook.  This includes all the things judges are looking for, along with the rubric and criteria that you will be graded on. 

The best way to prepare is to practice explaining your project to others.  You should be able to explain your project in about 1 minute.  Talk clearly and simply.  You can use your display board as reference but do not simply read your board to the judges.

Practice answering the questions above as well.  Get others to ask you questions and learn answers to questions that you do not know.

On the day of the fair you will probably have to speak to two or more judges, sometimes in small groups and sometimes individually.  Smile, don't rush and let them know how excited you are about your project!