Sponsor the NCSEF

Benefits of donating to the NCSEF

NCSEF is funded in full through the financial donations of individuals, businesses, higher education institutions, and other interested organizations.  If you are interested in increasing the quality and quantity of student research in all STEM areas, please consider donating to the NCSFF. 

This video by Ana Ratanaphruks, who competed in the NCSEF and went on to the ISEF competition shows what a difference supporting the NCSFF and its programs can make for young people in North Carolina.


How NCSFF makes a difference

  • Increases STEM education across the state
  • Expands hands-on student STEM research in grades 3-12
  • Prepares students for higher education
  • Motivates students to pursue careers in STEM
  • Supports teachers in facilitating student research
  • Provides opportunities for individual and business hands-on involvement

The NCSEF is organized by the NC Science Fair Foundation (NCSFF), a non-profit 50lc3 corporation.

Why we need your help

Because the NCSFF/NCSEF is almost fully staffed by volunteers, nearly 100% of your donations go directly to supporting students' efforts in science and engineering research and to provide teacher training in facilitating student research. Donors can choose to designate their contributions to fund specific areas of the NCSEF such as student awards or teacher workshops.

Funding Priorities:

  • NCSEF State and Regional Fairs
  • ISEF Student Competition
  • Teacher Professional Development

Emerging Initiatives:

  • Increase Training Programs for Regional/Local Fair Leaders
  • Develop Student Recruiting Program for Broader Participation
  • Advanced Information and Training Programs for Student Competitors
  • Expand Teacher Professional Development and Engagement
  • Expand Connections for Student Research Mentoring Programs
  • Secure part-time professional staffing and in-kind location

You can also support the NCSFF/NCSEF by sending volunteers and judges.

How to Give

NCSFF accepts donations from coporations and individuals.


If you have questions or would like to support students in science by contributing to the North Carolina Science and Engineering Fair, please contact Dr. Tom Williams at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 919-815-6658.