2020 Elementary Projects

We are excited to showcase projects from talented students across North Carolina in the Senior division. Feel free to select jump to a category using the links below or browse the page to see all projects in this division. See all the videos together in the Elementary Project Video Playlist on YouTube.

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Region 2

Includes Sampson, Wayne, Craven, Pamlico, Jones, Onslow, Duplin, Carteret, Pender, New Hanover, and Brunswick counties.

Sound Advice

Student(s): Abigail

The purpose of my science fair project was to measure the level of sound in my school cafeteria to see if it is loud enough to cause hearing damage in students and staff. I did this experiment by measuring the decibel levels of the cafeteria during the fifth grade lunch period, and discovered that it was loud enough to cause hearing damage.

Evaluating Cardiovascular Demand Across Classical Dance Genres

Student(s): Lila

Dancer's cardiovascular demand was evaluated across classical dance genres using wearable heart rate monitors. Logged data included average heart rate and resting heart rate, from which change in heart rate was calculated and dancers were surveyed for their rating of perceived effort for each class.

Ceana’s Ramp

Student(s): Lucy

We had a much-loved 15 year old dog with arthritis. We designed and made a ramp for her to get up and down stairs to the backyard more easily.

Feel the Need for Magnetic Speed

Student(s): Sophia

This project was inspired by magnetic launch roller coasters. I wanted to find out if changing the distance between the magnets would change the launch speed.

Region 3A

Includes Durham, Granville, Wake, Vance, Warren, Johnston, Wilson, Nash, and Franklin counties

The Effect of Light Bulb Type and Color on Indoor Plant Growth

Student(s): Aarnavi

The title of my project is “The effect of light bulb type and color on indoor plant growth”. The purpose of this experiment is to find out which light bulbs among LED bulbs with light temperature (color) of 2700K and 5000K , CFL bulbs with light temperature of 2700K and 5000K and a halogen bulb will cause plants to grow the most indoors. The result of this experiment will let people grow food indoors during winter and we can combine this result with other experiments to someday grow food in greenhouses in space and other planets.

Marvelous Mangroves

Student(s): Harshini

This project 'Marvelous Mangroves' is about how mangrove forests are reducing the damage of tsunamis compared to man-made structures. After watching my project video you will understand the importance of mangrove trees to the environment.

Fun in the Sun

Student(s): Lorelai

This project compares different sunscreens to see which ones block the most UV rays, so people can make better choices to avoid skin cancer. There were four different comparisons: different brands, forms (spray, lotion, etc.), SPFs, and different types (mineral and chemical).

Can Plants Survive Acid Rain?

Student(s): Sahana and Shyam

We wanted to know if acid rain in a plant's environment affects its growth. After watering the plants with water and vinegar individually, we found that acid rain can kill plants but there is also less acid rain on Earth than there was 50 years ago.

Wind Energy: Nature’s Superpower

Student(s): Shivraj

During hurricanes it is common to experience power outages due to the strong winds damaging the power lines.This experiment successfully demonstrates that wind turbines can be used to convert wind energy from the hurricane to electrical energy and hence restore power to the houses.

Region 4

 Includes Moore, Lee, Harnett, Cumberland, Hoke, Bladen, Columbus, Montgomery, Scotland, Richmond, and Robeson counties

KG photo

What Home Remedy Removes Ketchup Stains the Best?

Student(s): Kara

My project focused on a type of alternative energy known as biophotovolatics, which harnessed the photosynthetic capability of algae to produce energy. I built different models of a biophotovoltaic cell and analyzed their efficiency.

Hot Ice?

Student(s): Taylor

Conducted my project to prove if hot water freezes faster than cold water. My results could be explained based on the Mpemba Effect.

Region 5

Includes Stokes, Forsyth, Davidson, Rockingham, Guilford, Randolph, Caswell, Person, Orange, Alamance, Chatham, Davie, Surry (including Mt. Airy), and Yadkin counties

Crime Scene Investigations (CSI): Using Forensic Evidence to Solve a Mystery

Student(s): Jay

Detective Jay went on a mission to inspect, detect, and connect the dots of a forensic mystery. He examined DNA, lifted fingerprints, preserved shoe prints, tested ink samples, observed teeth impressions, interviewed witnesses/suspects, and studied the way force impacts gory blood splatters!

Splatter Patterns of Different Liquids

Student(s): Payden

My project was called Splatter patterns of different liquids. I looked at how density of a liquid affected how they splattered when dropped.

Soil Electricity: Giving Power to the Powerless

Student(s): Rachit

This project demonstrates how to use 'Soil' as a free and sustainable source to generate Electricity for the needy people around the world who do not have access to electricity due to inaccessibility or poverty.

After I Wake Up...

Student(s): Veda

Dream is a mystery, and it is an interesting science. There are so many unsolved mysteries about dreaming. "After I wake up.. Can I recall my dreams?", The purpose of this science experiment is to explore this question by evaluating how the amount of sleep influences a person’s ability to remember dreams.

Region 6

Includes Mecklenburg, Cleveland, Lincoln, Gaston, Rowan, Cabarrus, Stanly, Union, Anson, and Iredell counties

It’s All in the Cards

Student(s): Akshar

This project identifies the best shuffling method and the optimal number of times to shuffle a single deck of playing cards to achieve the maximum randomness.

KG photo

Antibiotic Residue in Store Bought Cow Milk

Student(s): Aadarsh

Is there antibiotic residue in store bought cow milk?

KG photo

Is there a relationship between fingerprint patterns and blood types?

Student(s): Ananth

My project explored "Is there a relationship between fingerprint patterns and blood types?". After some research we came to a conclusion that most of the time there is a relationship and that sometimes ethnicity plays a role in this.

Refrigerate or not Refrigerate? What an “EGG”cellent question!

Student(s): Jaylon

Refrigerate or not Refrigerate? What an “EGG”cellent question!

The Last Straw

Student(s): Bella

The purpose of my project was to find a better alternative to paper straws that are better for the environment, comparable to plastic straws, biodegradable, and more renewable than paper straws. The BIG question is which straw will be comparable to plastic straws but better for the environment: Paper straw, compostable straw, manufactured rice straw, or homemade rice straw.

Nanosilver: Naughty or Nice?

Student(s): Mia

The impact of nanosilver from our clothing that washes into our environment and affects living creatures.

Region 7

 Includes Avery, Burke, Caldwell, Watauga, Ashe, Catawba, Alleghany, Wilkes, Yancey, Mitchell, McDowell, and Alexander counties

Kathryn photo Elem

Why Do You and I See Colors Differently?

Student(s): Kathryn

A designed experiment to determine if there is a measurable difference in the way men and women perceive colors. Using an online poll and Chi Square Analysis of the results, I determined there was no significant difference for the pictures shown.

Shalyn Eli Elementary

Come Here Deery

Student(s): Shalyn and Eli

This experiment is to provide deer hunters with information on the most effective deer bait (deer corn, deer apples and persimmon crush) that will attract the most deer. Personally, this experiment is important to me because it provides me with a meat that I can consume without having stomach pains.