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Meet Reva Kumar

Reva Kumar is a rising sophomore at North Mecklenburg high school in Huntersville, NC. She likes to be in clubs both in and outside of school and has been playing piano since age 6.  As she thinks of her six year old self, she remembers that at first was forced into piano lessons, but has developed a passion for it throughout the years and enjoys it tremendously now. Her out of school clubs & activities include sports (tennis) and debate club and she was a member of her middle school honor society. 

Meet Krisalyn Higerd

Krisalyn Higerd is a fifteen-year-old rising junior and the oldest in a family of eight children who lives in Camp LeJeune, North Carolina, where her father has been stationed as a marine for the past four years.  Over the years, she has lived in Virginia, California, and North Carolina.  An early reader, beginning at age two, Krisalyn has earned her education as a homeschool student taught by her mother and remains so today.  In addition to her interest in science, she reads a lot, attends church and bible studies regularly, volunteers in her church nursery, and loves to swim. 

Meet the De Silva Family


The De Silva family has three children, Sayumi, Mihin, and Senith who have diverse interests and hobbies, but also share many interests, one of which includes science and engineering research. The family lives in Sylva, NC, attending NC Schools, and participating in typical NC family activities, but also cherises their Sri Lankan heritage and culture. 

Meet Jack Bivins

Jack Bivins is 13 years old and lives in New Hanover County, NC.  Originally born in Davis California, Jack’s family moved to North Carolina when he was 4 years old.  Jack attended elementary school at New Horizons Elementary and now attends Murray Middle School.  Outside of school Jack loves to surf and hang out with friends.  Jack also volunteers at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher. As a student in grades 3-5 Jack participated in science and engineering fairs and in grade 6 he participated in Science Olympiad at Murray Middle.  

Meet Amari' Walker

Amari’ Walker grew up in Pender County, NC.  She is currently 17 years old and enrolled at Pender HS.  She attended Elementary School at Malpass Corner and Middle Schools at West Pender Middle.  She has lived in Pender county her whole life.  She is passionate about cheerleading, crafting, and school and also owns her own business making cell phone and Airpod cases. 

Meet Sai Varanasi

Sai Varanasi is an NC Science and Engineering Fair Alumna who lived in Pinehurst, NC through her middle school years.  She now lives in Chapel Hill.  A graduate of the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM),  Sai is a second year mechanical engineering student at Georgia Tech where she is involved in research and also holds a position as a TA. While her professional interests focus on Energy and Sustainability, in her personal time she likes to bake and to play the tabla (Indian subcontinent Hand Drums).