Eradicating Racial Inequities

The NC ScienceFair Foundation joins the STEM Funders Network is calling on all corporate and private philanthropies to take action in eliminating racial biases and inequity in the United States. As a community of funders, we see education as the Great Equalizer. We are committed to ensuring that all young people have equitable access and opportunities in education.

 All of us need to do our part to root out systemic racism in our country. Corporate and private philanthropies wield considerable social and economic power in the U.S. However, we need to do better in leveraging our resources to help achieve racial equality in our country. We need to lean in and be part of the solution.

What we as funders can do to remove racial inequities for Black Americans:

  • Acknowledge inherent racial bias exists that influences how funders have traditionally executed philanthropy.

  • Speak with black communities about the challenges that need to be addressed.

  • Hire more Black Americans and people of color in our organizations.

  • Partner with communities of color to advocate systemic change that achieves racial equity for all.

  • Commit financially to causes and organizations dedicated to change to racial inequality.

  • Fund and Support capacity building for more minority led organizations who are practitioners and know their communities’ needs best

Without action today, we will continue to perpetuate racial injustice.

STEM Funders Network members are a diverse mix of private, family, community and corporate foundations who are working together to increase the knowledge and expertise of grant-makers investing in STEM, leverage their collective resources, and collaborate on high-impact projects they could not undertake alone.

Together, we are leaning in. We encourage you to lean in too and work to eradicate racial inequality. Without collective action, we continue to perpetuate racial injustice. Let’s work together to address racial equity and social justice.

David Coronado                                     Alfred Mays     
Chair, STEM Funders Network              Vice-Chair, STEM Funders Network